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IT Anywhere Case Study
IT Anywhere
Case Study
Frédéric Reisner
IT Anywhere
IT Services and IT Consulting, MSP
CheckCentral User
Since 2016
Frédéric Reisner

Millions of drivers across Europe rely on roadside assistance to keep them safe and confident in their daily travels. Motor clubs in turn rely on up-to-date membership data and vehicle details. Keeping a watchful eye over all that vital information is Belgian MSP, IT Anywhere.
With a focus on adaptability and customer satisfaction since 2002, IT Anywhere has helped European entrepreneurs grow their businesses by taking on the burden of IT infrastructure monitoring and management, such as data backups.
For many MSPs, the myriad backup software options across disparate client networks make backup monitoring quite challenging. For IT Anywhere, meeting the enormous needs of Europe's roadside assistance providers requires a collection of custom and unique scripts and tools, including CheckCentral.
"All the car manufacturers use their own systems," said Frédéric Reisner, CEO of IT Anywhere. "One through the web browser, another one via an FTP server, another is another thing and so we put all the monitoring of that in CheckCentral to verify all the copies are done and that the database is up to date."

It's a really important tool for us.
- Frédéric Reisner
Dedicated users for over 6 years, CheckCentral is a key integration in IT Anywhere's Morning Guard service, a daily health check of individual client networks. This vital service provides continual confirmation for the security and functionality of their clients across a range of sectors, including investment, manufacturing, construction, biotechnology, and legal services. This diversity in clients requires a diversity in purpose for CheckCentral.
95% of MSP leaders recognize the importance of process automation in helping them achieve their goals. [1] CheckCentral converts the time-consuming manual process of reading service notifications into a passive, automated confirmation of successful task completion. MSPs often use the service to monitor backup jobs, but MSPs intent on efficiency leverage their tools for extended capability.
IT Anywhere uses CheckCentral to monitor TrendMicro security messages, data transfers, log file generation, certificate expirations, NAS replication, network utilization and memory alerts, and license key renewals. It was this dynamic capability that led IT Anywhere to choose CheckCentral over its competitors.
Other companies were too expensive or not dynamic enough to include all the checks we had. We had to have a tool that we could integrate all these aspects together, not only backups but everything else.
Technical monitoring capabilities are vital to IT Anywhere, but the practical use of CheckCentral's summary data is equally important. When a client asks if their backup job ran 6 months ago, Reisner says the answer is often difficult to find with backup software alone. CheckCentral's generous data retention and easy-to-read dashboard bring in-house and client data to the forefront whenever Reisner and his team needs it.
If CheckCentral monitoring reveals something has failed for the client, for example, Reisner's engineers will use the software's diverse reporting when working through the issue. When SOX-compliant clients need a backup status overview spanning several months, CheckCentral produces the relevant report.
"We use CheckCentral to export their log file history as a PDF and send the info to the customer. … We also need similar reports internally for annual ISO certification."
Varied, comprehensive reporting is just one of the many features requested by and designed for the many MSPs integrating CheckCentral into their IT portfolios. MSPs maintain anywhere from 8 to 25 network management tools in their stack, including endpoint protection, RMMs, PSAs, and Backup services. [2] Nearly 75% of MSPs were planning to alter that stack in 2021. [3] Reisner, meanwhile, focused on the most efficient tools from the beginning. CheckCentral is just one of his tools of choice, part of what he calls their "secret sauce," and with it he is prepared for customer needs now, and long into the future.
CheckCentral Monitoring consolidates and simplifies backup, system, and software email updates into a clean, graphical dashboard, bringing peace of mind to IT administrators of SMBs, Enterprises, and MSPs.
To learn more about CheckCentral, visit:
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