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How Does CheckCentral Work?

Monitor Backups, Scripts & More

Keeping on top of the email notifications you receive every day can be time consuming and downright unmanageable. CheckCentral is designed to monitor these notifications for you, and let you know when something needs your attention.

CheckCentral is incredibly flexible, and can be used to check the results of backup jobs, custom scripts, and more. Anything that can send an email can be monitored by CheckCentral.

Automatically Identify Issues

CheckCentral creates unique email addresses for each of the backup jobs & scripts you want to monitor. Based on rules that you define, CheckCentral will mark the check as successful or failed when it receives the notification.

CheckCentral will also notice when an email isn’t received for a scheduled job. This prevents missing issues with backup jobs or other scheduled tasks that don’t run at all.

Using our flexible rule & schedule editor, CheckCentral is able to process virtually any notification that gets sent its way.

Customize Notifications

Once notifications are processed, CheckCentral will update it’s easy-to-read dashboard with the status of each of your checks. You can share access to this dashboard with your whole team, with customizable permission levels.

CheckCentral supports several different notification options including Slack and push notifications via our mobile app. You’re able to specify exactly who gets notified, and when.

Try CheckCentral Today!

The best way to learn about CheckCentral is to see it for yourself! Book a demo with us today, or get started with a free trial using the buttons below.

Need Help?Need Help?

Need any help getting your checks up and running? No problem!
Contact us anytime and we'll be happy to help you get started with CheckCentral.