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How Does CheckCentral Work?

Create a Check

Create a CheckA check is a set of rules & criteria you want an incoming email to be checked against. As an example, for a backup job that runs every night your CheckCentral check would look like the following:
  • Frequency: Expected every day
  • Successful If: Email subject contains 'Success'

Let CheckCentral Monitor Your Alerts

Let CheckCentral Monitor Your AlertsCheckCentral will assign this check its own unique email address. Simply set your application or script to send its email notification to this unique email address. As long as CheckCentral receives an email every day with a subject line that contains ‘Success’, this check will be marked as successful. If an email doesn’t arrive, or an email arrives without ‘Success’ in the subject line, CheckCentral will mark this check as ‘Failed’ and notify you that it needs to be looked into.

Wide Application Support

Wide Application SupportWe support any product that sends email notifications, including these popular backup applications:


Relax!Your days of manually checking incoming email notifications are over! You can now quickly see the status of all your checks at a glance via the CheckCentral dashboard, and you’ll be alerted if there are any issues that need your attention.
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Need Help?

Need Help?Need any help getting your checks up and running? No problem!
Contact us anytime and we'll be happy to help you get started with CheckCentral.