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What Our Customers are Saying

"CheckCentral has turned the arduous job of checking hundreds of backup emails into a pleasurable experience that now takes less than a minute each morning. It's been the best tool we've implemented over the years and I'm constantly singing it's praises. We have over ten different backup providers and each is simple to configure, support are always responsive and friendly if assistance is required. Thanks for making my job so much easier!"
"First of all I'd like to congratulate you on this wonderful tool, I've been looking for such a thing for a long time and to be honest haven't managed to find one so simple and straightforward. CONGRATULATIONS. We've been creating some checks and this morning I've been able to see everything in 1 minute instead of 1 hour."
-- Adria G, Real Foods, Mar 2018
"Thank you for a great product. We are very much looking forward to it, I feel it will become a very important tool in our niche little business!"
"CheckCentral has allowed me to sleep better at night. We can now identify failed jobs, jobs that didn’t run or are hung, and successful jobs in a single pane of glass. What was a several hour task, has been leveled to minutes. We now have a scalable and efficient way to ensure that our client's backups will grow with us."
"Our backup report took a solid 4 hours each day to complete. Now with CheckCentral, we can complete the entire report in under an hour! We are parsing easily over 8000+ Emails per day. AppAssure, BackupExec, Unitrends, multiple other backup appliances. I wish I’d have found this service 3 years ago!"
"CheckCentral has allowed us to automate the daily checking of hundreds of emails, saving many man-hours every week and cutting out the human mistake factor. We can now focus on the follow-up actions, instead of the chore of listing what went well and what didn’t. Differentiating it from many other products is the concept of “overdue” checks, which changes the game. The product is flexible enough that simple checks are easy to setup, but complex checks are possible when necessary. All this functionality is packaged in a user-friendly, modern interface. The cherries on top are the very low price, and amazing responsiveness of Keith at support… It’s a no-brainer!"
"We used to have to read through lots of logs every morning and search for lots of things, wasting lots of hours. After finding CheckCentral we are very happy to get that time back."
"Before using CheckCentral my inbox would be filled with so many notifications that it was easy to miss the really critical ones. Worse, there were a number that were “all clear” positive notification messages. Now, my inbox is clean, and we have a sleek dashboard for quick identification of any issues."
"IST Systems manage clients with a wide range of systems, all of which had email alerts. We were getting 50+ emails a day, all with different messages, alerts, notifications. Our phones never stopped beeping and we were constantly missing crucial notifications. CheckCentral got rid of all of that. We get one summary email a day and only get a notification when something goes wrong.
It has revolutionised how we work. It has made us more efficient, we only get notifications that we need to action and our clients are having significantly less down time than ever before."