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CheckCentral Slack Integration

CheckCentral integrates with Slack to provide convenient up-to-the-minute alerts for your team. You can choose severity levels to send notifications for, and which checks should post notifications, to make sure you only get the alerts you need! You can even have your organization's daily digest summary posted directly to Slack.

Alerts posted by the CheckCentral Slack app
Alerts posted by the CheckCentral Slack app

The CheckCentral Slack app also provides slash commands to provide on-demand access to your organization's current status without leaving Slack!

To get started with Slack integration, visit your notifications page from your CheckCentral dashboard. Under the 'Organization Services' section click the 'Add Service' button to configure Slack for your organization.

CheckCentral add services dialog
CheckCentral add services dialog

If you have any questions about CheckCentral's Slack integration, please contact CheckCentral support!