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A Smarter Way to Monitor Your Backups & More

Say goodbye to manually reviewing your email notifications! CheckCentral monitors your notifications for you, and will let you know when something needs your attention.

CheckCentral Intro

Quick & Easy Setup

Adding your checks is a breeze. Simply set your application to email CheckCentral, set a couple of options and you’re good to go! Supports Veeam, Acronis and many more!

Always in-the-Know

CheckCentral never stops keeping tabs on your checks. When something is wrong, you’ll know instantly via SMS, email and mobile push notifications.

Beyond Just Backups

Check the results of PowerShell scripts and other scheduled jobs. Anything that can send an email can be monitored by CheckCentral.

Great for Teams

Now your entire team can quickly check in on the status of your backups & more, with customizable permissions.

Try CheckCentral Today!

The best way to learn about CheckCentral is to try it for yourself! We’ve set up a live demo dashboard with several sample checks. Simply click on the Live Demo button below to get started! When you’re ready to create your own dashboard, click Sign Up.

What Our Customers are Saying

"CheckCentral has turned the arduous job of checking hundreds of backup emails into a pleasurable experience that now takes less than a minute each morning. It's been the best tool we've implemented over the years and I'm constantly singing it's praises. We have over ten different backup providers and each is simple to configure, support are always responsive and friendly if assistance is required. Thanks for making my job so much easier!"

What's New

We're excited to announce that we've added the ability to do status matching against text that's in images! In the example message below, the two green "success" boxes are images instead of text. When a message that contains images arrives to your CheckCentral organization, CheckCentral will perform OCR on the image, and place the results in a .txt attachment with the message.
Read more  •  Oct 8
We're happy to announce the addition of message ignore rules to CheckCentral. With these rules, users with manager or administrator permissions can configure custom rules that will block messages from being processed by your CheckCentral account. Ignore rules will prevent unwanted emails from showing up in your dashboard as unmatched messages, making sure that only the information you care abou...
Read more  •  Jun 1
We're happy to announce an accessibility update for CheckCentral: customizable status colours. If the green/yellow/red colour set is difficult to use, you can now specify alternative colours to represent success, warning, and failure. For instance, someone who is red-green colourblind can adjust the success and failure colours to ensure that their dashboard remains easy to check at a glance.
Read more  •  May 22