A smarter way to manage your email notifications!
CheckCentral handles your email alerts & notifications for you! Simply tell us what emails to expect and when to expect them. We'll let you know when something needs your attention.
Quick & Easy Setup
Adding your checks is a breeze. Simply set your applications to email your custom CheckCentral email address, set a couple of options and you’re good to go!
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Always in-the-know
CheckCentral never stops keeping tabs on your checks. When something is wrong, you’ll know instantly via SMS, email and mobile push notifications.
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Reclaim Your Inbox
Say goodbye to complicated filters & countless folders. With CheckCentral you can get back to using your email inbox for what it does best: handling actual email.
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Computer & Phone
The best way to learn about CheckCentral is to try it for yourself! We’ve set up a live demo dashboard with several sample checks. Simply click on the Live Demo button below to get started! When you’re ready to create your own dashboard, click Sign Up.
What Our Customers are Saying
"We used to have to read through lots of logs every morning and search for lots of things, wasting lots of hours. After finding CheckCentral we are very happy to get that time back."
-- Christian Kortenhorst, CK Computer Solutions