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Operator Description Example
+ +goats +cows Must have the whole words 'goats' and 'cows'
- goats -cows Must have the whole word 'goats' but must not have the whole word 'cows'
| goats | cows May have either whole words 'goats' or 'cows'
" "goats cows" Must have the exact string 'goats cows'
* goat* Must have any words that contain 'goat' like 'goats' or 'goatee'
( ) (birds) -(goats | cows) Must have the whole word 'birds' but must not have either whole word 'goats' or 'cows'
Search terms use the AND operator by default so '+goats +cows' is the same as 'goats cows'







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