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CheckCentral API Documentation: createUser Endpoint

The CheckCentral API provides an endpoint for adding users programmatically. All of the configuration options are available through the API, detailed below. To add a new user through the API, you will require an API token for your organization with Read/Write access. Organization administrators can create tokens through the API portal on your dashboard.

The endpoint is located at where the APITOKEN placeholder is replaced with your valid token. The request must be made with the Content-Type header set to application/json. The body of the request should contain the properties below to configure the new user's settings. Any properties not passed will be set to their default value.

For example, to add a new user you could send the following json in the body of the request:


  "name": "Person Somename",
  "email": "person@myorg.realdomain",
  "accessLevel": "User",
  "sendWelcomeEmail": true,
  "userGroups": [
  "notifications": [
        "type": "failures",
        "services": [

The user data must include an email property as well as an accessLevel at minimum.

The complete list of possible properties for user creation are as follows:

User Structure

Parameter Type/Allowed Values Default


The email address of the new user.

The email parameter is required.



The access level to grant the new user.

The accessLevel parameter is required.

One of:

  • disabled
  • custom
  • readonly
  • user
  • editor
  • manager
  • administrator


The name for the new user.

If the name parameter is not included, the user's name will be set to their email address.



Pass the sendWelcomeEmail flag to have CheckCentral send an introductory email to the new user.

Boolean false


Pass an array of user group IDs to add the user to those user groups. User group IDs can be retrieved with the getUserGroups API endpoint.

An array containing user group IDs.



Pass an array of json objects to configure which services CheckCentral should use to communicate with the user.

Array[NotificationConfig] []


Parameter Type/Allowed Values Default


Pass the type of notification to configure.

The type parameter is required for NotificationConfig objects.

One of:

  • digest
  • failures
  • warnings
  • unmatched


The list of services that CheckCentral should use to alert the user about the configured type of notification. Any services not included in the array will be disabled for the notification type.

Any of:

  • email
  • sms
  • push
  • pushbullet
  • pushover
Aug 19, 2019 (modified Jun 29, 2022)  • #1
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