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Enabling Integration with External Ticketing Systems

CheckCentral notifies you of the status of your system and server backup jobs, but integration with ticketing systems enables automatic ticket management. CheckCentral currently supports integration with Atera, Autotask, Bugzilla, ConnectWise Manage, Freshdesk, GitHub, GitLab, HaloPSA, Jira Service Management, Jira Software, Kaseya BMS, Microsoft To Do List, Redmine, SyncroMSP, and Zendesk (with more to come).
Ticket creation, updates, and closing is all managed when integrating a ticketing system with CheckCentral.
The automated management include the following events:
  • Failure or Warning statuses will create new tickets.
  • Subsequent Failures or Warnings will update the ticket.
  • A return to the Success status will close the ticket.
Note: Manager or Administrator privileges are needed to add external ticketing systems to your CheckCentral organization.
Log into your CheckCentral.
On the main menu, click "Notifications," then "External Ticketing System."
Click "Add Ticketing System."
Click on your ticketing system.
Follow the directions from the prompt to fill in the necessary fields. These options/requirements will vary based on the ticketing system.
By default "All Check Groups" is enabled. To use the ticketing systems for select Check Groups, disable the "All Check Groups" checkbox and click the field below. Choose one or more groups from the populated list.
With the "Enable this external ticketing system" checkbox enabled, click the "Save" button.
For a more detailed guide on integrating a ticketing system, including customer import and asset ID integration, see HaloPSA Integration.
Jul 6, 2021 (modified Aug 15, 2022)  • #1
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