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New CheckCentral User Level and Other Updates

We're excited to announce some updates to CheckCentral!

New User Level

We've added a new permission level for users, simply called "User". This permission level allows for pausing and un-pausing checks, and manually setting check statuses, but does not allow editing of check rules. The new level is the default setting for adding new users.

In addition, the existing level "Read/Write" has been renamed to "Manager".

New User Permissions Level
New User Permissions Level

Billing Information

We've added the option to enter a tax identification number for organizations that require it. The tax number will be included on invoices and receipts from CheckCentral.

As well, we've added more information to the Billing History table on your organization's subscription page, to help keep track of changes and payments that have been made.

More Informative Organization History
More Informative Organization History

Interface Updates

We've also added the ability to delete all currently unmatched messages at once, to simplify managing your activity history. This feature is available on the Recent Activity page with filtering set to show unmatched messages.

Delete All Unmatched Activities
Delete All Unmatched Activities

In addition, we improved several warnings and error messages across CheckCentral to make them clearer and more accurate.

May 4, 2016 (modified May 4, 2016)  • #1
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