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Time period dashboard

Acronym NST
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Hi there

Currently the dashboard displays the current state and 9 previous states.

This is fine if all alerts are generated at the same frequency, but in a backup environment you may have one type of backup that runs every hour, and another type that only runs once every day.

You have done a good job of allowing a alert to be set up with rules for which Checkcentral will be expecting to receive an alert (eg inside business hours)

What would be great if the 10 dots could be set to signify a time period (eg 10 days) and then a dot would change to a pie chart for those alerts with many in one day (and that pie chart is an expression of the percentages of pass/warning/fails receivedTh for that alert).

There would then need to be additional logic to say "at what percentage of fail/warnings received does the overall alert change to fail/warning" in the filter view.

It doesn't need to be a pie chart, but some indication that there are multiple alerts, and of those multiple alerts, how many have passed/warned/failed.

The alternative to this idea is just have the user aggregate all alerts to one single "end of day" alert and set our own pass/warning/fail criteria.
Mar 8, 2017  • #1
Keith Lammers (BFS)'s profile on
What might make sense here is a new "aggregate" check type that collects the emails throughout the day, then just sets its status at the end of the day based on a certain number or percentage of failures. We've added this to our feature request list for future consideration

Mar 8, 2017  • #2
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