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CheckCentral Expanded Billing History and Bug Fixes

Extended History

With the addition of additional information to billing histories, we've added a new dedicated billing history page that will allow organization administrators to examine the entire history of changes and payments made by the organization. The page includes expanded information about each history item, and can be accessed from the current simplified Billing History table or via navigation at Organization > History.

Expanded Billing History
Expanded Billing History

Free Trial Status

For organizations evaluating CheckCentral, we've also made your free trial status an entry in your "Current Issues" dashboard to ensure information about your trial is always easily accessible.

Free Trial Expiry
Free Trial Expiry

In addition to these updates, we've also released several other behind-the-scenes improvements and bug fixes, inlcuding a fix to an issue that could prevent unmatched messages from being properly re-processed against new checks.

Jun 6, 2016 (modified Sep 20, 2016)  • #1
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