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CheckCentral Pagination, API Create/Delete Endpoints, and More!

We're excited to announce a number of recent updates to CheckCentral!

We've updated nearly all the pages on CheckCentral to include pagination and filtering to ensure that your data is always easily available. As your organization grows, you will always have fast and simple access to your checks, groups, and more. You can also search for checks by name on your dashboard, to help you get to the information you need as fast as possible!

Pagination on the checks page
Pagination example on the checks page

For organizations looking to automate the set up of their data, the CheckCentral API now supports create and delete endpoints to manage your checks, groups, and users. Access to these endpoints is restricted to API tokens granted the appropriate permissions. As well, we have also added authentication tokens tied to user accounts, which provide access through the API to only the data that that user is permitted to read or modify.

API Access Tokens
API Access Tokens

We've also made many other updates, such as an option to pre-sort newly created check groups in alphabetical order, improvements to PDF reports, the ability to configure Slack notifications for specific check groups, and notification emails now include the original message's attachments.

If you have feedback or questions about these updates or any aspect of CheckCentral, please let us know!

Dec 10, 2019 (modified Dec 10, 2019)  • #1
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