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Checking Dell RAID Status with CheckCentral

CheckCentral can parse anything you send to it, which means you can monitor more than just backups! With this script, you can send the status of your Dell RAID volumes to CheckCentral daily and get notified if anything is amiss.

This script requires Dell OpenManage to be installed on the server as it uses the omreport.exe CLI tool.

Setting Up the API Token and the Script
  • Download the script:
  • In CheckCentral, go to Organization > API.
  • Click "Add Token."
  • Give the token a name, e.g. "SERVER01 Dell RAID Script."
  • Select "createActivities Only" in the Access Level drop-down and click Save.
  • Copy the token, and paste it in the $apiToken variable on line 11 of the script.
  • On line 14 of the script, set the RAID Controller ID. If there's only one in the machine, this will most likely be 0.
  • Run the script, you should now see an unmatched activity in CheckCentral with the results.

Setting Up the Check Schedule
  • Click the "Create Check" link next to the activity.
  • Leave the name as the default, and choose a Check Group from the drop-down, then click Next.
  • For this guide, we'll assume that you're going to run the script every day. In order for CheckCentral to notify you when the Check is overdue (e.g. if the script didn't run as scheduled), you'll want to configure the "Emails are expected every" setting to "1 Day."
  • Notice that there's nowhere to assign the time of day that the email is expected. This is because CheckCentral will automatically adjust the expected time based on when the last email arrived. If your script runs at 9am and finishes at 9:01am today, then the next email will be expected at 9:01am tomorrow. In case the script runs slightly late one day, you can configure the Check to only notify you if the email is late by more than a certain amount of time. We'll leave it at the default of 30 minutes for this example, which means that you won't get an "Overdue" notification until 9:31am tomorrow. This allows an extra 30 minutes for the script to run before any action is taken.

Check Schedule
Check Schedule

Configuring the Matching Rules
  • On the Matching tab of the wizard, leave the defaults and click Next.

Check Matching
Check Matching

Configuring the Status Rules
  • On the Status tab, click "Add Success Rule."
  • Set the Rule to Body Text Complex Match
    "Status : Ok"{N}
    , where N is the number of volumes shown in the report. Then click Next.

Check Status
Check Status

Configuring Notifications
  • Configure your Notifications for this check, then click Next.

Testing the Check Configuration
  • On the Save tab of the wizard, click the Test button on the lower-right to confirm that the activity now matches the check, then click Save Check.

Check Test
Check Test

As always, if you run into any trouble configuring your Checks, please feel free to contact us and we'll be glad to help out.
Apr 1, 2022 (modified Apr 5, 2022)  • #1
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