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Message Ignore Rules

We're happy to announce the addition of message ignore rules to CheckCentral. With these rules, users with manager or administrator permissions can configure custom rules that will block messages from being processed by your CheckCentral account. Ignore rules will prevent unwanted emails from showing up in your dashboard as unmatched messages, making sure that only the information you care about is reported on! From the new ignore rules page under your organization menu, you can set up the rules just like you would configure the criteria for an individual check. You can also create multiple rules, to configure your ignore list exactly as you need it.

Configure Ignore Rules
Setting up an ignore rule

Email messages ignored by these rules will be retained for a short period of time (currently one week) so that you can easily adjust a rule that catches a message that should no longer be ignored. Processing those ignored messages into your CheckCentral account is only a click away! The "reprocess" button for the list of ignored messages will re-run those messages through CheckCentral's message parsers and add it your your dashboard if it no longer matches your ignore rules.

Ignore Rules in Action
Example ignore rules and ignored messages

If you have feedback or questions regarding CheckCentral, please let us know!

Jun 1, 2020 (modified Jun 1, 2020)  • #1
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