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Original To Addresses and Whitespace Matching

When displaying email messages, we always use the email address as the "To" address. However, if an email is automatically forwarded to CheckCentral, its original "To" address isn't shown. We've updated this so that for new messages we will now display the original "To" address as well as the address used by CheckCentral. This will only be displayed if the addresses are different.

Originally To
Original To Address

Matching Extra Whitespace

We've added a new option for configuring your checks. With "Condense Whitespace" set for a group of rules, CheckCentral will ignore any extra whitespace in the message when matching against the each rule. This is particularly useful for HTML formatted emails, which often have extra line breaks and tabs in the document that aren't displayed.

Condense Whitespace
Condense Whitespace Option

Other Updates

We've also made a number of performance improvements behind the scenes, particularly with regards to sending out daily digests, as well as some minor bug fixes and usability improvements

Feb 2, 2017 (modified Feb 2, 2017)  • #1
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