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Monitoring Comet Backup with CheckCentral

Comet Backup is an excellent tool for MSPs who manage file backups for their clients. By using CheckCentral and Comet Backup together, you can have a clear and easy view of your client backups without having to wade through mountains of email notifications. This guide provides details on setting up Checks for Comet Backup notification emails.

    Identify the Check

  1. On your CheckCentral dashboard, click the "+ Add Check" link.
  2. Choose "Start Fresh" or "Copy settings from existing check:" (select a check from the dropdown menu with this option) and click "Start."
  3. Give the Check a name. It can be whatever you like, but we would recommend something like: {comet username}: {protected item name}. For this example, the name will be "User01: Documents"
  4. Choose an existing Check Group to add this check to, or create a new one if you like, by clicking "New Group."
  5. Add a Label and Description if desired, and click "Next."
    The Identification Section
    The Identification Section

    Set the Check Schedule

  6. For this guide, we'll assume this Comet Protected Item has a schedule assigned to it. In order for CheckCentral to notify you when the Check is overdue (e.g. if the Protected Item didn't run as scheduled, or got hung up on its last run), you'll need to configure how often you expect the email to come in. Typically you'll set the "Emails are expected every" values to match the schedule on your Protected Item. In our example, the Protected Item is set to run every day at 9am, so we'll set this to 1 Day(s).
  7. Choose an Expected Interval for how often relevant emails should arrive (e.g., once a day can be entered as "1" and "Day(s).") CheckCentral will automatically adjust the expected email arrival time based on when the last email arrived. (If your Protected Item runs at 9am and finishes at 9:15am today, then the next email will be expected at 9:15am tomorrow.)
  8. Since the amount of time a backup takes to complete can vary day-to-day, you can configure the Check to only notify you if the email is late by more than a certain amount of time. We'll leave it at the default of 30 minutes for this example, which means that you won't get an "Overdue" notification until 9:45am tomorrow. This allows an extra 30 minutes for the backup to complete before any action is taken.
  9. Click "Next."
  10. The Schedule Section
    The Schedule Section

    Configure Matching Rules

  11. The "Matching" section is where you'll tell CheckCentral which emails should be processed by this Check. By default, the Check's email address will be populated with a custom email address based on the Check name. Since email notification addresses are set per-user in Comet, you'll want to click the checkbox next to "Use email address specific to this check:" and enter something more generic for that Comet user in the available field. In this example we'll enter "cometuser01," changing it to "" (You'll see where this gets used later in this guide.)
  12. Click "Next."
  13. The Matching Section
    The Matching Section

    Set the Default Status and Success/Warning Criteria

  14. In the "Status" section, you'll set what you want the default status to be when an email matches the check, but doesn't match any of the other rule criteria. Generally it's best to leave this set to Failure, then specify your Success and Warning criteria. This way it's only marked as successful or warning if it matches your given rules. Anything else is marked as a failure so that you get notified and can investigate further.
  15. The Status Section
    The Status Section
  16. The "Success Criteria" area is where you'll set the criteria that will mark the Activity as successful. Click the "Add Success Rule" link. A successful run of a Comet Protected Item will have the word "Success" in the email Subject, so we'll set the rule to "Subject contains Success"
  17. The "Warning Criteria" area is where you'll set the criteria that will mark the Activity as a warning. Click the "Add Warning Rule" link. The email notification for a Comet Protected Item will have the word "Warning" in the email Subject, so well set the rule to "Subject contains Warning"
  18. Click "Next."
  19. The Success/Warning Rules Areas
    The Success/Warning Rules Areas

    Configure Notifications

  20. In the "Notifications" section, you can choose how to you want to be notified about changes to the status of this Check. In this example, enabling the checkbox for "Email" will send an email when the Check status changes, to every user with proper access level and Email notifications enabled.
  21. The Notifications Section
    The Notifications Section
  22. Notification Channels are organization-wide notification options. By default, all optional channels are shown but only ones configured on the Notifications > Organization page will function. Select and Deselect channels as desired.
  23. External Ticketing Systems can be integrated with CheckCentral to create and manage tickets for particular Activity. Like Notification Channels, all options will be listed but only those configured will function. These options are under Notifications > External Ticketing Systems. Select and Deselect External Ticketing Systems as desired.
  24. The Notifications Channels and External Ticketing Systems Areas
    The Notifications Channels and External Ticketing Systems Areas
  25. Select additional notification options for status restoration, Activities processed outside expected arrival times, on repeated Failures, and if Failures are allowed a grace period, giving an opportunity to cancel a Failure notification if the Check Status has be restored to Success.
  26. Click "Next."
  27. The Notifications Options Areas
    The Notifications Options Areas
  28. Select processing options as desired, and click "Save Check."
  29. The Save Section
    The Save Section

    Configure Comet

  30. Now that our Check is setup in CheckCentral, we'll need to configure Comet to send its emails to CheckCentral for this user (User01). In the Comet admin interface, go to Accounts > Users > User01, and add the email address for the CheckCentral check that you created in step 7, and make sure to click the "Save Changes" button.
  31. Adding Email Address to Comet User
    Adding Email Address to Comet User

    Test it Out

  32. Now we're ready to run the Protected Item to test it out. Go ahead and run your Comet Protected Item manually.
  33. The Comet Backup UI
    The Comet Backup UI
  34. After the job is done running, if you refresh the Check page, you'll see the new Activity listed in the "Recent Activity" section. You can also see a new Activity dot for it on the main Dashboard for your organization.
  35. The Recent Activity Section
    The Recent Activity Section
    The Main Dashboard
    The Main Dashboard
  36. Clicking the Activity's dot on the Check page or the Dashboard will show the email contents in a modal dialog.
  37. The Activity Details
    The Activity Details

As always, if you run into any trouble configuring your Checks, please feel free to contact us and we'll be glad to help out.

Nov 27, 2018 (modified Nov 9, 2021)  • #1
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