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Message Ignore Rules

June 1, 2020

We're happy to announce the addition of message ignore rules to CheckCentral. With these rules, users with manager or administrator permissions can configure custom rules that will block messages from being processed by your CheckCentral account. Ignore rules will prevent unwanted emails from showing up in your dashboard as unmatched messages, making sure that only the information you care about is reported on! From the new ignore rules page under your organization menu, you can set up the rules just like you would configure the criteria for an individual check. You can also create multiple rules, to configure your ignore list exactly as you need it.

Configure Ignore Rules
Setting up an ignore rule

Email messages ignored by these rules will be retained for a short period of time (currently one week) so that you can easily adjust a rule that catches a message that should no longer be ignored. Processing those ignored messages into your CheckCentral account is only a click away! The "reprocess" button for the list of ignored messages will re-run those messages through CheckCentral's message parsers and add it your your dashboard if it no longer matches your ignore rules.

Ignore Rules in Action
Example ignore rules and ignored messages

If you have feedback or questions regarding CheckCentral, please let us know!

Improved Accessibility with Custom Status Colours

May 22, 2020

We're happy to announce an accessibility update for CheckCentral: customizable status colours. If the green/yellow/red colour set is difficult to use, you can now specify alternative colours to represent success, warning, and failure. For instance, someone who is red-green colourblind can adjust the success and failure colours to ensure that their dashboard remains easy to check at a glance.

Custom Dashboard Colours
Dashboard with custom colours

These settings are unique for each person, so every user can configure a colour set that works for their needs. You can change your status colours on your account page:

Custom Status Colours
Custom status colours

If you have feedback or questions about these updates or anything else regarding CheckCentral, please contact us!

New Feature: API Modify Endpoints

March 31, 2020
We're excited to announce new API endpoints! These new endpoints now provide the ability to edit your checks and other objects through the CheckCentral API. You can now modify existing items similarly to creating them by calling the new endpoints:

  • modifyCheck
  • modifyCheckGroup
  • modifyDashboard
  • modifyPermission
  • modifyUser
  • modifyUserGroup

Further information on each endpoint is available on your API documentation page!

If you have feedback or questions about this update or anything else in CheckCentral, please let us know!

New Feature: Custom User Dashboards

March 31, 2020

We're excited to announce a new option available for custom dashboards. The "user object" setting will display the check groups and checks available to the selected user or user group, without having to manually select those check groups or update them as that user's or user group's access permissions change. To help test this feature - or to verify the permissions set for an object - admins can generate and view dashboards from the point of view of a selected user or user group with the "Test Dashboard" links.

Test Dashboard
User object test dashboard

If you have feedback or questions about this update or anything else in CheckCentral, please let us know!

New Feature: Regex Conditions

March 31, 2020

We're excited to announce a new option for check conditions: regex matching! For those complicated conditions that need detailed matching, you can now use the power of regular expressions to help match exactly what you need. A regex reference and tester can be found at

Regex Condition
Regex success condition

If you have feedback or questions about this update or anything else in CheckCentral, please let us know!

Date and Time Formats, Activity Reports, and Updated Payment Providers!

February 14, 2020

We have added the option to change your organization's date and time formatting: you can now choose between 24-hour clock and 12-hour clock display, and several date formats. If you have alternative formats you would prefer to use, please let us know! These settings apply across your organization, and can be configured by administrators on the organization's settings page.

Date/Time Format Settings
Date and time formats for organizations

In addition, we now provide several new options for creating activity reports. Any search on the activities page can be saved to a PDF or CSV file, and the checks page includes the option to save a comprehensive history of your organization's activity history. The "Export Check History" option on the checks page will generate an archive of CSV files detailing the activities processed by CheckCentral over the selected period.

Activity Exporting
Check history export configuration

We also made some adjustments to subscription management to simplify changing your subscription level and added support for payments with American Express cards. If you have feedback or questions about these updates or any aspect of CheckCentral, please get in touch!

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