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Introducing Custom Dashboards and Email Processing!Introducing Custom Dashboards and Email Processing!

July 25, 2017

We're excited to announce customizable dashboards for CheckCentral! With this update, you can select which elements you would like to see on your custom dashboard. You can also enable a publicly accessible dashboard view suitable for displaying your organization's status in a simple format. We are planning to extend the capabilities of custom dashboards in the future, so please let us know if you have any comments or feedback!

Please note that custom dashboards are only available on Enterprise Subscriptions. Contact CheckCentral Support with any questions.

Public Dashboard
Public Dashboard: Overview and Issues
Public Overview
Public Dashboard: Overview Only

Email Processing

As well, we have made significant improvements to our email processing system. It can queue and process incoming emails in greater numbers and with greater speed than ever before.

Subscription Add-On Packs and Email ParsingSubscription Add-On Packs and Email Parsing

April 10, 2017

We've added a new option for CheckCentral subscriptions. If your organization could use more than a standard Enterprise Subscription offers, you can now purchase subscription Add-On Packs. These provide additional checks, groups, and SMS notifications on top of your existing subscription limits. Organization administrators can set up Add-On Packs on their subscription management page.

If you need something more specific than Add-On Packs can provide, please contact for information about custom plans.

Add-On Packs
Add-On Packs

Email Parsing

Along with some interface adjustments and performance improvements, we made some updates to our email parsing. HTML email parsing is now more reliable, and CheckCentral can handle malformed messages more robustly.

Slack Integration and Mobile Two-Factor SecuritySlack Integration and Mobile Two-Factor Security

March 3, 2017

We're excited to announce that you can now integrate CheckCentral with Slack! You can receive all your regular notifications directly in Slack, including your daily digests and check status updates.

As well, you can use slash commands to request up to date information about your organization, from a full daily digest report to the status of a specific check group.

We use Slack as part of our daily workflow, and having updates posted in Slack provides a convenient way to keep on top our notifications. Organization administrators can configure Slack for their team by visiting their notifications page to get started!

Slack Notifications
Slack Notifications
Slack Group Status
Slack Group Status

Mobile Two-Factor Security

To compliment the release of Two-Factor Security, we've also added support for Two-Factor login in CheckCentral Mobile.

Two-Factor Security
Two-Factor Security

Two-Factor Security, Overdue Thresholds, and CachingTwo-Factor Security, Overdue Thresholds, and Caching

February 24, 2017

We've added the option to secure your account with two-factor authentication. This helps to secure your account by preventing unauthorized access by requiring a second level of security in addition to your password. To log into your account with two-factor security you will need to enter a code sent via SMS to your mobile phone. Visit your User Account Page to enable two-factor security!

Two-Factor Security
Two-Factor Security

Check Updates

Checks can now be set up with more precise overdue thresholds. We've reduced the 30 minute minimum overdue time to 5 minutes, with additional options for 10 minute and 15 minute intervals.

As well, each Check now has a link at the bottom of its recent activity to view its extended activity history.

View Activity History

Caching and Performance

This week we also added a new caching layer to the CheckCentral backend. With the new cache layer we'll be able to process and report on all your emails with continuing efficiency and flexibility! Using a shared caching layer common to all our backend services will help ensure that your data is always available and up to date.

Original To Addresses and Whitespace MatchingOriginal To Addresses and Whitespace Matching

February 2, 2017

When displaying email messages, we always use the email address as the "To" address. However, if an email is automatically forwarded to CheckCentral, its original "To" address isn't shown. We've updated this so that for new messages we will now display the original "To" address as well as the address used by CheckCentral. This will only be displayed if the addresses are different.

Originally To
Original To Address

Matching Extra Whitespace

We've added a new option for configuring your checks. With "Condense Whitespace" set for a group of rules, CheckCentral will ignore any extra whitespace in the message when matching against the each rule. This is particularly useful for HTML formatted emails, which often have extra line breaks and tabs in the document that aren't displayed.

Condense Whitespace
Condense Whitespace Option

Other Updates

We've also made a number of performance improvements behind the scenes, particularly with regards to sending out daily digests, as well as some minor bug fixes and usability improvements

Dashboard Filtering and User ManagementDashboard Filtering and User Management

October 6, 2016

We've added extra filtering options to your dashboard, to help you view only the Checks you want to see. Clicking on the status indicators in the Organization Overview allows you to directly filter to one specific status, and you can expand the "Filters" interface to select a combination of statuses to view. The filters you select will also remain in effect when your dashboard data automatically updates, ensuring you only see the information you've chosen to view!

Check Filtering
Dashboard Check Filters
Check Filtering
Overview Check Filtering

User Management

In preparation for upcoming updates to CheckCentral, we've moved user management to a dedicated new page, accessible from the Organization navigation menu for organization administrators.

The new layout provides a much clearer overview of the users that you've given access to, and simplifies the process of updating any user's settings.

User Management
User Management
Editing a User
Editing a User

Other Updates

In addition to theses updates, we've also released various other minor UI updates, including improved standardization of the appearance and naming of pages across CheckCentral.

PDF Invoices and Quarterly SubscriptionsPDF Invoices and Quarterly Subscriptions

September 19, 2016

To build on our new Annual Subscriptions, we've also added the option of Quarterly (3 month) billing cycles, so you can choose the plan that best suits your organization's needs.

Quarterly Subscriptions also come with a discounted price of 5% off the cost of a month-to-month subscription.

Quarterly Subscriptions
CheckCentral Quarterly Subscriptions


CheckCentral now provides PDF copies of invoices for payments. Invoices will be included with payment receipt emails, and you can download past invoices from your subscription or organization history page.

Invoice Links
PDF Invoice Links

Other Updates

This update also includes several UI improvements and fixes, including warnings about creating checks that will duplicate another check's message matching.

Annual Subscriptions, Activity Filters, and More!Annual Subscriptions, Activity Filters, and More!

September 7, 2016

We're pleased to announce the addition of CheckCentral Annual Subscriptions! Organizations can now simplify their billing process to receive an entire year's subscription to CheckCentral with a single payment.

Annual Subscriptions also come with a discounted price of 10% off the cost of a month-to-month subscription.

Annual Subscriptions
CheckCentral Annual Subscriptions

Activity History

We've improved the filtering options on the Recent Activity page to greatly improve performance. As well, searches are now saved in the browser history so that you can easily navigate and refresh them.

In addition, the Stats page now provides direct links to filtered searches for each check and status, to provide an easy way to get a deeper look at the status of your checks and activities.

Stats Page Links
Direct Links on the Stats Page

Message Attachments

The list of attachments for a message now provides links to view the content of each attachment.

Message Attachments
Viewable Message Attachments

Other Updates

This update also includes several UI updates and bug fixes, including supplementary information in activity status tooltips.

Simplified CheckCentral Subscription Changes, Social Media, and Bug FixesSimplified CheckCentral Subscription Changes, Social Media, and Bug Fixes

June 23, 2016

Making Changes to Your Subscription

We've simplified several aspects of the billing process in preparation for upcoming additions to CheckCentral's billing options. Organizations that decide to change their subscription plans will now remain on the greater plan for the duration of their billing cycle, allowing for a simpler transition to the new plan.

Subscription Downgrades
Subscription Downgrades

Social Sharing

We've also added social media links to the bottom of dashboard pages to help you spread the word about CheckCentral. Sharing through these links will not expose any information about your organization or CheckCentral account, so please go ahead and share on your favourite service!

Social Media Links
Social Media Links

Other Updates

In addition to these updates, we also released some behind-the-scenes enhancements and bug fixes, including a bug that displayed incorrect expected hours for Checks.

CheckCentral Expanded Billing History and Bug FixesCheckCentral Expanded Billing History and Bug Fixes

June 6, 2016

Extended History

With the addition of additional information to billing histories, we've added a new dedicated billing history page that will allow organization administrators to examine the entire history of changes and payments made by the organization. The page includes expanded information about each history item, and can be accessed from the current simplified Billing History table or via navigation at Organization > History.

Expanded Billing History
Expanded Billing History

Free Trial Status

For organizations evaluating CheckCentral, we've also made your free trial status an entry in your "Current Issues" dashboard to ensure information about your trial is always easily accessible.

Free Trial Expiry
Free Trial Expiry

In addition to these updates, we've also released several other behind-the-scenes improvements and bug fixes, inlcuding a fix to an issue that could prevent unmatched messages from being properly re-processed against new checks.